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Ben Snutch is Group Sales and Commercial Director at Go Inspire. For over 20 years he has helped brands to acquire new customers and to engage and grow existing ones by designing, creating and producing highly targeted and highly personalised communications across multiple channels.
Ok, we are all thinking it.

“Postage Price Increases, at a time like this! Really, Royal Mail?”

However, complain as we might, history tells us that common sense rarely prevails and these decisions don’t generally get reversed, so we may as well quickly turn our attention to developing strategies and propositions for our customers to help them minimise the impact on their campaigns and the effectiveness of the mail channel as a whole.

Below are ten ideas from Go Inspire, to help Direct Marketers stretch budgets further and maximise the impact of their campaigns. Very broadly, these can be split in to the two categories of Reducing Waste and Improving ROI through increased response. We hope that this will be interesting reading and of use.

1. Ensure data is clean and screened for Gone-away and Deceased records

We all know that it is good practice to suppress and remove these prior to mailing but the number of instances where this is not the case is staggering. This is an easy way to remove cost, reduce waste and give better brand representation.

2. Make sure that your process for returned mail is slick and fit for purpose
All too often the loop is not closed quickly enough for returned mail and even though returned mail has been received and processed, data files do not get updated immediately and subsequent mailings are sent to the same customer.

3. Use what you know about the customer to create a great personal experience
A good way to mitigate postage cost increases is to make you campaigns work hard and perform better. Improving segmentation and targeting will drive more response and deliver a better return on investment.

4. Consider the use of variable coupons and vouchers on your DM piece to improve response rates. This tried and test weapon in the marketer’s arsenal has a proven track record of delivering greater engagement and sales.

5. Co-ordinate your DM efforts with other channels.

During lockdown catalogues have seen a real resurgence and this is a great example of where digital channels (email and SMS) can be employed to drive the consumer back to that printed media occupying pride of place on the coffee table.

6. Adopt an Always-On Marketing Approach

Always-On Marketing is an increasingly popular strategy that is delivering strong results. This approach means a DM communication can be delivered to the recipient shortly after a triggered event on the customer journey. Timeliness and relevance have long been regarded some of the most important factors in determining the success of a DM campaign and this method enables the right message to be delivered at the right time via an increasingly effective channel.

7. Where appropriate, consider using targeted Door Drops as opposed to DM.

Highly targeted door drops could get your brand in your ideal customers’ hands and offset some postage cost, particularly if you are targeting entire post codes, or the majority of addresses within individual postcodes, with your offer. Although cut through and personalisation is lower VS Direct Mail, MarketReach and JICMail data shows that in Q2 2020 Door Drops saw a 15% increase in interaction YOY.

8. Don’t send DM to non-DM responders.
Now this might sound like stating the obvious but it’s amazing how often we forget that the best way to predict someone’s behaviour in the future is examine their behaviour in the past. The only watch out here is that these are strange times and with such a high proportion of the population contained within their homes, the way in which we interact with marketing comms is changing.

9. Make DM part of your online strategy.

Recent reporting from JIC Mail and MarketReach shows Mail is a valuable tool for driving online traffic, with a 70% YOY increase in online actions taken after receiving direct mail.

10. Know your onions!
Make sure that the postal services that you are utilising are the most cost efficient available for the products that you are mailing. If necessary, ask your mailing house partner or postal provider to review your campaigns to look for opportunities where additional discounts can be attained. Be aware of the incentives available particularly if you are new to mail or have not used the channel for some time, as discounts can be significant.

Why not take advantage of a live incentive and include a QR code on your next Advertising Mail or Business Mail campaigns, for 15% and 30% discounts respectively?

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss further how you can improve ROI from your campaigns and mitigating postage price increases. Simply email, call 07977 229 195 or fill in the form on this page.



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands