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Show your customers some love and win their hearts this Valentine’s Day.

1. Show them you love them with Direct Mail

Put a smile on your customers face by sending them something engaging, tangible and targeted.

Data from MarketReach and JIC Mail shows that 70% of consumers say that mail makes them feel valued as a customer. A customer that truly feels valued is a happy customer and happy customers make loyal customers.

2. Stand out from other potential suitors

Your competition will always be looking to slide into your customers’ DMs and steal them away. So avoid a love-triangle by cutting through the noise of a crowded inbox with a Direct Mail piece that stands out on the doormat.

Adding a shape like a heart is an effective way of ensuring your mail gets read.

Check out two formats that will do just that in the video below:

Also, recent research from MarketReach and JIC Mail showed that customers who received mail first had 30% more dwell time on social media. So, send them a direct mail piece, and you’ll always be on their mind.

3. Woo the ones that got away (or are thinking of dumping you)

You could take the opportunity to woo ‘the ones that got away’ by incentivising your low engaged or lapsed customers with one valuable, unconditional offer/coupon to encourage them to shop.

We can help you identify which customers are at risk of lapsing and build tailored journeys that will see you reunited.

4. Show them you listen

Show your best customers you know and understand them by analysing their past purchase and recent browsing behaviour. With the right approach to analysis segmentation and modelling you should already know what products and offers will give your best customers the butterflies!

If you need some help, we’re ready to assist.  

5. Play Cupid with QR Codes

Whether it is bringing your customers together with the products you know they’ll love or bringing them together with their loved ones, QR Codes now offer a seamless way of making the magic happen.

Link your online and offline worlds seamlessly.

With in-built QR reading capability on all modern phones and tablets, scanning a QR Code is now a much quicker journey than launching a browser and attempting to accurately type the URL – or searching for a brand or product in Google, landing on their homepage and hunting out the relevant page, product or piece of information, that you actually wanted.

Bring your customers together this Valentines Day.

With Lockdown 3.0 being reviewed on 16th February, spending Valentine’s Day apart is an unwelcome reality for many.

You can help your customers send a video message to that special someone with a QR Code.

Our range of flexible options means you can either add QR codes to your existing format, or for added effect, incorporate them into one of our many innovative and engaging direct mail formats, as a gift tag, which could be applied to a Valentines Day gift. 

The process is simple:

  1. Your customer visits the PURL printed on their mailing
  2. Records their video message on their chosen device
  3. Uploads their video message into their PURL
  4. Applies their QR gift tag to the present, before posting
  5. When the present is delivered, the recipient simply scans the QR code which then automatically directs them to the video message

Get in touch If you’d like to speak to our expert team and discuss how we can help you get closer to your customers this Valentine’s Day.



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands