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How can you ensure you still have valuable conversations with your customers following iOS14 and iOS15 updates?

With recent data* showing that 50% of iPhone users are opting in to prevent tracking, many of our clients ask us how they can still have valuable conversations with their customers – following the recent iOS14 and iOS15 updates.

The answer?

You need a clear plan to gain trust from your customers and continue to deliver personal, relevant messages.

But don’t worry, we can help by reviewing your available data, target insights and offer wider digital marketing consultancy. To speak to an expert, click here.

Go Inspire can advise on new metrics to help measure against your key performance indicators:

  1. Be transparent and explain clearly to your customers how you use their data securely to show content that is personalised. They may be more likely to allow tracking with the iOS14 and iOS15 updates.

  2. Use the conversions API to gain better insight into the customer’s purchasing journey, and customise their ad experience in order to achieve better results. All of this unique ad experience is done while maintaining data privacy.

  3. While email open rates will be affected by iOS15, clicks will still be tracked, and conversion rates can still be measured to assess the effectiveness of a campaign. Agree metrics that are available to benchmark and use trend data.

  4. Given these updates, tracking, storing, and passing data server-side will become more critical for accurate conversion tracking.

  5. Track server-side. When installing event tracking server-side, you’re essentially sending events from your server to the Facebook pixel instead of the browser responsible for sending the event. This means you can process data as first-party data to prevent conversion loss due to browser cookie limitations.

  6. When you generate a lead, it can take time for the lead to be qualified or have a value assigned. With Facebook’s conversion API, you can decide to not fire the event until a certain action or value has been assigned via your CRM.

  7. Define your 8 Facebook and Instagram conversion tracking events, in priority order. Authorise your domain and reset attribution window from 28 days to 7+

There’s a lot to learn and discuss! – we’re here to help you develop and implement data strategies at the speed of change in the digital marketing industry.

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*Source Apple June 2021



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands