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Five reasons catalogues should be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

At Go Inspire Eclipse, we have always championed the tangible nature of print and its unique ability to physically engage the senses, creating moments for customers to connect with your brand and drive online action that delivers revenue growth.

In this blog, we share 5 reasons catalogues should a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

1. Your catalogues can now be highly targeted

Unlike bulky and expensive publications – targeted catalogues, magazines, brochures and booklets showcase carefully selected product selections and engaging added value content, making it easier to target different customer segments, printed catalogues offer you the opportunity to combine marketing with an e-commerce site to drive sales.

By producing catalogues that are smaller in page size and pagination and sending them more often, your brand has the opportunity to create look-books that reflect the latest buying trends, keeping your offering current.

By increasing relevancy to the customer, you distinguish your targeted catalogues from commodity print that gives no consideration to targeting.

2. Catalogues are proven to drive online actions

Catalogues provide a powerful medium for your brand to connect with your customers offline, cutting through the noise of a crowded digital space.

For many, printed catalogues act as a source of inspiration, creating a bridge to the online world and driving purposeful digital actions.

JIC Mail data (Q2 2017- Q2 2021), shows that of the people receiving advertising mail with information on products and services, such as catalogues, brochures, booklets and brand magazines:

  • 67% open and read the content they are sent
  • 27% put the item aside to look at later
  • 8% visit the sender’s website
  • 4% go on to make a purchase

In comparison, 2021 email benchmarking data from the DMA and Barilliance revealed that of consumers receiving the same type of information via email:

  • 20% opened the emails they are sent (DMA)
  • 13% keep the email to look at later (DMA)
  • 2.3% click-through on the email and visit the sender’s website (DMA)
  • 1.2% convert directly to a purchase (Barilliance)

3. Lower pagination catalogues offer faster speed to market

For many of our clients, lower pagination, short-run printing has significantly increased speed to market.

Fewer finishing processes and a requirement for less paper, reduce the lead times and complexity of production associated with high-volume, high-pagination, bulkier catalogues.

4. Your catalogues can act as an extension of your customer

A beautifully printed catalogue can be a subtle, yet powerful, weapon in your marketing arsenal – inspiring desire and creating a bridge to your online presence.

Boasting stunning imagery, all brought to life with the right combination of finishing, paper choices and even the addition of a scent – your catalogue can act as an extension of your customers, in their homes.

For high-end aspirational brands particularly, the subtle kudos gained by customers when your literature is seen in homes and on coffee tables is a powerful attribute.

5. Your catalogues can show your customers sustainability matters to you

By partnering with Go Inspire Eclipse, you can access Carbon Balanced Print and in doing so, help to secure the future of indigenous peoples and endangered wildlife species, around the globe.

To date we have locked up 3402 tonnes of carbon and protected 214 acres of habitat – equivalent to 121 full size football pitches!

As a customer of Go Inspire Eclipse the print production is automatically carbon balanced at our cost. You could even go one step further to offset your paper, enabling you to incorporate the World Land Trust Carbon Print and paper logo and receive a certification detailing how your donation has contributed to the WLT cause, a powerful brand message in itself. You’ll receive a certification detailing how your donation has contributed to the WLT cause.

As the UK’s largest Carbon Balanced Printer, we have given ourselves a stretching target of saving 8,000 tonnes of carbon by March 2022, which equates to 267 football pitches of land.

If you’d like to discuss how targeted catalogues can drive results for your business, simply fill in the form on this page, or email



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands