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As we emerge out of Winter and into Spring, Easter is it is a time for new life and new hope.

To help you reward your most loyal customers, re-engage customers who you may have not interacted with in a while and win new customers, we’ve come up with 4 happy moments you can share.

Moment #1 The power of touch and tangibility

Moment #1 is made possible by the physical nature of direct mail, which creates engagement that digital channels alone simply cannot replicate.

Our innovative formats can incorporate a huge range of different mechanisms, all designed to maximise engagement and ensure your message stands out from the crowd.

Consider how revealing your personalised message to a customer could be made more powerful with one or a combination of these innovative ideas:

  • A pop-up
  • A slider
  • A peel-to-reveal
  • A pull-apart
  • A die-cut shape
  • A detachable card, coupon or voucher
  • A never-ending fold
  • A glassine window or red-reveal decode
Moment #2Appealing to more senses

The tangible nature of direct mail traditionally appeals to 2 senses: touch and sight.

Holding your mail piece in their hands and seeing your striking creative captures your audience’s attention like no other channel can, but why not add a third dimension?

The sense of smell!

Whether it’s a delicious chocolate aroma, freshly cut grass or spring flowers – there are a whole host of great smells synonymous with Easter and Spring.

Adding a scent to your mailing is the perfect way of capturing your customers’ attention even further and delivering a happy moment. 

Moment #3 – Taking the engagement online

QR codes provide the perfect method for bridging your offline and online worlds, whether you’re creating a happy moment by:

  • taking the stress of search and directing your customers instantly to the products and redeemable offers you’ve specially selected for them
  • …or driving them online to enter a code revealed in your mailing for an exciting chance to win a special prize

Full reporting is available, meaning you know who scanned, when they scanned and which products and offers they scanned. This invaluable insight can be fed into your next campaigns, delivering continuous improvement and creating a better experience for your customers.

Moment #4 – Feeling valued and understood

Make your customers feel happy with fully variably direct mail.

Precision targeting means every one of your customers, gets treated like an individual, with all products, offers and added value content such as recipes, FAQs and helpful guides tailored to their individual preferences and past-purchase behaviours.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you put a spring in your customers’ step this Easter and beyond. 



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands