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The ever-changing landscape of the coronavirus pandemic means businesses in all sectors will have vital information and updates, that they need to share with their customers – quickly.

With the UK entering ‘Lockdown 3’ until at least 16th February, a whole raft of further disruptions to ‘normal service’ are coming to the fore and will need to be communicated.

Ensuring your messages reach your customers quickly is even more critical in regulated environments, as businesses can receive hefty fines or sanctions if they fail to comply with regulatory requirements.

But how can you have confidence that this critical information will be received, read, understood and often, most importantly – acted upon?

When it matters most… use mail to get your message seen.

The stats don’t lie. JIC MAIL Q2 2020 figures revealed:

  • A record 96% of mail was engaged with
  • 88% of people paid the same or more attention to mail
  • 40% of people agree or strongly agree that being in lockdown made them realise how important mail was to them. only 20% disagreed
  • Mail is perceived as safe, private and secure, with 51% of people preferring to receive sensitive or confidential information by post
  • The average business mail item remains live in the home for nine days, on average
Save 30% on Postage if you test a QR Code in your next Business Mail campaign

Why not take advantage of a live incentive and include a QR code on your next Business Mail campaign, for a 30% postage discount.

You could:

  • Have customers scan to confirm receipt of the information
  • Drive customers to a data capture page
  • Drive customers to particular or long-form updates to information on your website
Mail is now an instant response medium

JIC Mail Reporting from Q3 2020 revealed a +33% growth in web visits attributed to mail.

By simply scanning a QR code unique to them, which can be personalised on their mailing, customers can quickly confirm they have read and understood the information.

Each scan can then be automatically logged and reported. Knowing who scanned, when they scanned and the region of where they scanned is incredibly powerful insight, which enables you to capitalise on live opportunities as you know who is in market, right now.

A seamless transition from physical to digital actions

Where further commercial action or information exchange is required, a QR code can be scanned to seamlessly transition customers from offline consideration into your into your online world.

Scanning a QR Code is now a much quicker journey than launching a browser and attempting to accurately type a URL – or searching for a brand in Google, landing on their homepage and hunting out the relevant page or piece of information, that you actually wanted.

Experts in Design, Delivery and Tracking of Business-Critical Communications

When it matters most, you should choose a partner who is an expert indelivering secure and compliant mail solutions and multichannel transactional, regulatory, business critical and operational communications.

At Go Inspire, we are known for helping clients to deliver their goals within business process outsourcing customer communications management and the delivery of exceptional customer experiences, whatever the channel.

Our world class communication management solutions simplify and automate the process of bringing together complex data streams, content, templates, and document types, from multiple locations.

Check out just some of our case studies here.

If you’d like to discuss your urgent customer communications requirements, simply get in touch, and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands