Creative Services: Information Design

These interactive examples demonstrate how the Go Inspire Studio Team have redesigned our clients’ business critical documents and communications. These real life examples have delivered against desired business outcomes, such as reducing complaints and call centre activity through improved clarity, simplicity and understanding.

Use the sliders below to see the ‘Before & After’ of our previous work

Gallagher (Insure4Retirement)

Home Insurance Renewal

This document was one of a suite of documents that were transformed, new formats and designs reduced page count on all Quotation, Sale, Mid-term Adjustment and Renewal packs (4 templates), on average by 4 pages. All are now also available in email form.

  • This document – The Renewal Invitation – has reduced from an average 15 pages to 9 pages.
  • Through this reduction, associated print & postage costs came down by £6k a month, saving £72k a year.
  • Customer documentation went from being cited as a top ranked negative theme, in customer forum feedback, to a top ranked positive theme.
  • Document-related complaints reduced by 38% over the year.

Sunlife Financial of Canada

Pension Statement

  • The original document was a cause of customer query and not in keeping with brand requirements
  • The revised document is now 8 A4 pages compared to 18 previously.
  • White space and duplication of text has been removed, also highlighting key messages, simply and clearly.
  • Variable colour diagrams and charts illustrate fund performance
  • The headline results were a 30%-unit cost reduction and a marked reduction in call centre queries

Vantage Insurance Services

Motorhome Insurance Policy

  • We redesigned 7 document types for Vantage Insurance Services
  • This one is a policy document and covering letter which started life as a 22-page communication, plus a leaflet.
  • Previously, only the first 2 sheets (4 pages) were personalised
  • The revised policy pack is highly personalised and uses both colour and pictures
  • Key messages are brought to the fore
  • All documents are also available through a portal or as email attachments
  • The revised policy document is 8 pages long and includes the leaflet content

BT Mobile – Landing Pages

Joining Online and Offline


Attractive offers for Clubcard holders


Cognitive Disability letters help meet Ofcom requirements