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Ensure brand protection and compliance with regulatory bodies in a timely and efficient manner through GO Inspire Recall’s total recall solution. Our end to end product recall service gives manufacturers and OEM’s access to a full management, communication, reporting and back up service.

Efficient recall management is essential to delivering a great customer experience, enhanced brand loyalty and, for the manufacturer, brand image protection. We preserve your customer relationships, control costs and make the whole process as efficient and as painless as possible for all involved in the event of a recall. We understand the importance of data management and reporting.

To maintain compliance with regulatory bodies, such as DVSA and its code of conduct, GO Inspire Recall’s comprehensive automotive recall service protect and reduce damage to brand image.

An efficient recall plan comes from GO Inspire Recall’s tailored communication and service delivery programme. Our expertise, production facilities, data management, data insight, graphic design, contact centre, multi–channel communication capabilities and dedicated friendly staff work in unison with your own team so collectively we deliver a painless workable solution.

We assist manufacturers, OEM’s and dealers establish a compliant recall department offering and assist in the co-ordination of the flow of service, sales and parts allocation.

GO Inspire Recall Automotive Services Include
Data Management
Document communication graphic design to ensure brand compliance
1st class Post and/or Recorded Delivery/Signed Postal Services and Mailmark Tariffs - full colour print and mail and follow up mailings if required
Setting up of white labelled contact centre
Choice of ongoing multi-channel communication programmes - call centre, direct mail, web, email, SMS, multi- media
Data collection and data reporting to ensure compliance with regulations and DVSA Code of conduct
Data updates on VIN recall batch progress and outreach to track and trace secondary VIN owners
Assisting dealerships and service centres with recall initiatives
Confirmation of timely completion of all repairs or product retrieval/disposal to the required standards
Supporting of supply chain management activities to ensure a smooth supply and allocation of parts required for repairs
Status and update reporting on recall progress Management of multiple recall and prioritisation for full compliance
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Consumer and electrical.

Consumer and electrical recalls are often highly visible & time-sensitive events that can have long lasting implications for a brand, including lost sales and damaged customer relationships. To effectively respond to a recall, companies must communicate with consumers while collaborating with regulators to ensure public safety. In addition, consumer products recalls often demand the fast, accurate removal of affected products from the supply chain in order to safeguard the public.

Proven consulting and execution solution strategies, delivered by the GO Inspire Recall team, help ensure that recalls are managed with a focus on regulatory compliance, accuracy, clear communication and cost containment.

From satisfying regulatory guidelines to providing seamless communication with consumers and retailers, having the right strategy is key to resolving events in a way that protects consumers, brand perception, and revenue. GO Inspire Recall strategy utilises our in house communication specialist team members to serve as an extension of your own brand. Our data, design, script writing, print, direct mail, SMS, email and Multi-channel team members handle outbound and inbound recall communication, enquiries, as well as reporting with rapid action and responses.

Manufacturers minimise risk and opportunity for errors by utilising our services to manage every step of the product recall lifecycle including, notification, recall execution, product retrieval, remedy management and product disposal.

In order to avoid fines or potential legal implications, manufacturers must act quickly when a product needs to be removed from the market. The GO Inspire Recall team can manage the rapid and efficient removal of affected products throughout the supply chain, minimising risks to consumers and brands.

Our Product Recall and Corrective Action Management Services include
Data Management
Outbound/Inbound communications – print & direct mail, SMS, web, email, multi-media
Assistance in meeting the requirements of the European General Product Safety Directive
Design and script writing for press releases, call centres, internal & external communications
Product disposal
Project management services including reporting and cost analysis
Experience analysis to more effectively plan for potential future product recalls
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With over 20,000 different medicines available in the UK the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) working closely with the European regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), makes sure the medicines we all use are safe. The MHRA and the drug manufacturers continue to monitor them for any unforeseen problems. Should an issue develop, or the safety of a medication come into question, the agency has the power to suspend production and withdraw and recall a product from the market.

A number of factors can cause a drug to be recalled. A recall may be issued if a medicine is:

  • A health hazard. Unfortunately, some health risks associated with certain medications are not realised until after they become widely used Mislabelled or packaged poorly. Sometimes a medicine is recalled because of confusing dosing instructions or a problem with the dosing tool provided with the drug.
  • Potentially contaminated. During production or distribution, a medicine may become contaminated with a harmful or non-harmful substance. Not what says, eg it may state the product is a pain reliever based on the package material, when in fact what is inside the box is something else.
  • Poorly manufactured. Manufacturing defects related to a product’s quality, purity and potency may be to blame for a drug recall. With this in mind the Pharmaceutical industry is under increasing regulatory scrutiny and must have clear action plans and the support of a recall partner that helps manufacturers create a clear plan for handling pharmaceutical product recalls, retrievals, and returns. Establishing the most appropriate strategy is a crucial first step in successful planning and execution of any Pharmaceutical recall.

We recognise that each Pharmaceutical recall is a unique situation, clearly there are a number of common elements to all recalls that need to be considered in the creation and tailoring of an appropriate recall strategy. These include the class classification and nature of the deficiency in the product, the incidence of complaints, public safety, distribution networks, recovery procedures, resources for corrective action and availability of alternative products.

Class 1 requires immediate recall because the product poses a serious or life-threatening risk to health.

Class 2 specifies a recall within 48 hours because the defect could harm the patient but is not life-threatening.

Class 3 requires action to be taken within five days because the defect is unlikely to harm patients and is being carried out for reasons other than patient safety.

Class 4 advises caution to be exercised when using the product but indicates the product poses no threat to patient safety.

Most recalls fall into classes two or three GO Inspire Recall’s processes allow for secure storage and returns of any recalled product and the ability to assist our clients in the complete recall lifecycle requirements ensuring compliance with all stringent regulatory requirements processing infrastructure.

Our Pharmaceutical Recall Services include
Planned Recall Strategy
Data Management
Direct Mail Campaign Management
Central Data Repository
Compliance Reporting – to regulatory agencies
Urgent Response corrective action
Product Retrieval- Product Disposal- Product Destruction
Call Centre Operation

Our Pharmaceutical Recall Services include

Pharmaceutical companies need the support of GO Inspire Recall to supply an efficient process and infrastructure to effectively manage product returns. Our systems and monitoring services simplify the returns process to effectively handle expired and nonperforming stock inventory, reduce errors and rework whilst increasing processing efficiencies. With a focus on rapid returns processing and accurately applying each manufacturer’s specific return policy we are able to efficiently generate data and reporting for any necessary product reimbursement or replacement.

Prescription Medicine Recalls

Prescription medicine recalls continue to occur despite rigorous stringent new drug approval process and clinical testing recalls still occur and when they do you need the support and fire power of a large skilled organisation to rapidly sort and solve the problem. Here at GO Inspire Recall we are able to expertly deal with a pharmaceutical recall or product withdrawal of any size, satisfying regulatory guidelines through to managing the seamless notification and response, product retrieval, storage and ultimate product disposal.

Over The Counter Medicine Recalls

The wide distribution and use of these products can complicate the logistics of their recall and removal and at times it can seem a daunting task to notify consumers and medicine users of a recall. Effective recall management requires a working partnership and access to their pharmaceutical distribution lists in order to reach the extensive networks of patients, pharmacies, retailers, and medicine providers. Experience tells us that many manufacturers have gaps in their distribution networks, which can delay their recall response. The GO Inspire Recall team can assist you in all steps of the process to make this as painless as possible and activate teams to accelerate removal of affected product out in the field combining great planning, implementation and execution skills to get the job done efficiently whilst containing costs. Our recall data management system enhances visibility, monitoring, reporting and tracking during each step of the recall cycle.

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Medical Devices.

The Government operates the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which oversees all regulatory functions for medicines and medical devices. Not only does the MHRA have to oversee legitimate medical devices but the advent of the internet has made available a source of illegally marketed medicines and medical devices, such as diagnostic wearable devices, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and cholesterol checking kits, the quality and safety of which is generally unknown.

The MHRA has been very active in tracking down this increasingly lucrative and growing market in illegal products and has seized consignments and prosecuted manufacturers and importers. However responsible medical device manufacturers have seen an increase in the levels of medical device recalls. Product recalls can be costly and damaging for many highly regulated industries, but are especially challenging for the medical device industry as the products pose significant risks for patients and their health. At these times a rapid call to action is required.

Here at GO Inspire Recall we can assist in the creation of robust strategies working closely with manufacturers to safeguard patients and device users. These strategies ensure a rapid deployment of notification communications, track and trace of devices as well as removal, repair, replacement and disposition if required. We always protect our clients’ interests to ensure costs are contained, codes of conduct, compliance and regulations are adhered to and there is minimal impact to brand perception, public image and relations.

GO Inspire Recall customer service teams are at the forefront of dealing with patients and end users and work tirelessly to reduce risk, protect patient lives, communicate sympathetically, and effectively manage the recall and prompt withdrawal of the devices. At all times we report and update our clients so they can monitor the recall process and where applicable the re-supply of quality replacement devices or corrective action.


Whether regional, national, European or global in scale, protecting patients and brands from defective medical devices in the marketplace requires three things: great communication, accuracy and speed of execution. In the event of a withdrawal, recall, regulatory or consumer complaint, the GO Inspire Recall team can be mobilised to manage the processes required to correct faulty medical devices on-site, install software updates, retrieve devices for disposal, or return them to manufacturers for testing. Our rapid reporting will allow manufacturers to monitor progress and follow up on-site reports and audits verify that medical devices were removed, repaired or destroyed according to the strategy and plans.

Our Medical Devices Recall and Corrective Action Management Services include
Single Source Solution
Data Management
Urgent response corrective action
Device Retrieval - return to manufacturer for testing
Device Disposal – Device Recycle – Device Destruction
On-site audit of Device stock – to ensure retrieval
Direct Mail Campaign Management
Risk Management
Call Centre Operation
Compliance Reporting – to regulatory agencies

GO Inspire Recall recycling of retired devices

In addition to our medical device recall services we can also provide our customers with the following services to simplify the process of device recall for medical devices.

Recycling Solutions – assures secure product destruction through our partners’ extensive metals and electronic recycling capabilities. Non-functioning equipment is processed via de-manufacturing, and/or shredding to maximise raw material extraction.

Logistics – We can arrange for pick-ups at multiple locations regionally, nationally or globally.

Accountability – We keep detailed records of all pickups, including the number of devices received and the serial number, weight and condition of each item received. We also maintain all dispatch and receiving documentation.

Security – We deliver secure asset management, tracking and destruction procedures via our partners complete chain of custody.

Accessibility – We assign a single point of contact to streamline communications and offer web tracking and reporting to provide reporting and account updates.



We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands