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In early 2021, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Go Inspire launched ‘Our Environmental Journey’ – a continuous improvement initiative to lessen our impact on the environment, as well as our clients’ – and support you in reaching your net zero targets.

Less than 12 months on, we are extremely proud to be able to update on our progress so far in supporting you on the road to Net Zero.

World Land Trust

In March 2021, we became the largest UK supplier to produce Carbon Balanced Print for our clients, in partnership with the World Land Trust.

Across all digital print, including direct mail, one-piece mailers, regulatory and transactional mail and digital paper wraps: every brand that utilises our Carbon Balanced Print will be issued with certificates and the highly visible World Land Trust logo to proudly use on their printed material.

We have deployed a raft of different initiatives covering sustainable paper products, energy efficiency and plastic usage reduction. The WLT partnership allows us to make a measurable contribution to biodiversity, habitat and indigenous people.

We have given ourselves a stretching target of saving 8,000 tonnes of carbon which equates to 267 football pitches of land.

To date we have locked up 3402 tonnes of carbon, protected 190 acres of habitat – equivalent to 214 full size football pitches.


In the next step on our environmental journey, achieved a Silver Medal in recognition of sustainability achievement from EcoVadis.

We have signed a 3-year commitment to collaborate with EcoVadis on our sustainability utilising their common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools.

The EcoVadis Sustainability Scorecard illustrates our performance across 21 indicators in four themes:

  • Environment
  • Labour and Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable procurement

Many of the improvements required to achieve our objective of securing a Gold Medal are already underway.

By choosing us as their trusted marketing and communications performance partner, our clients can have confidence in our ability to support their present and future sustainability challenges.

100% Bio-degradable Envelopes

The next stage in our journey was to partner with a new supplier to offer clients the option to migrate to 100% biodegradable C5 envelopes, at no extra cost.

In place of the plastic window, our chosen product utilises a transparent paper-based window and thus becomes an all-paper product made from only natural fibres. This migration will not only mitigate the use of plastic but also provide a 68% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 76% reduction in the energy being used for envelope production.

TwoSides Membership

Step 4 of our journey, joining Two Sides, will further enable us to promote the sustainable qualities of our company and an industry that has a great sustainable record.

Ongoing Commitment

Our environmental journey is a never-ending one, and the next steps on our journey to bring clients closer to Net Zero, includes a commitment to achieving ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems accreditation.  

To discover how we can support you in reaching Net Zero, simply fill in the form on this page or email



    We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands


    We deliver award-winning campaigns for the UK’s biggest brands